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Try to practice this as much as you can. I see Gabby almost every day. You can use the continuous form of a verb in your sentence. Just add -ing, and that will make your sentence sound better and give the person more information about how you have been. I have been feeling fantastic recently. I have been working a lot. Oh, I have been sleeping a lot lately.

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I have been studying a lot lately. Vanessa: How have you been? Vanessa: What have you been working on?

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Gabby : Vanessa! How have you been? Gabby : Lucky you! Vanessa : Good morning, Dr. Gabby Dr. Wallace : Good morning. Gabby : Vanessa, I just saw you post a photo with Alyssa and Laura. They were actually doing some shopping with their brother, Mike. Gabby : Oh, Mike! See if you can answer these six questions:. This is about pronunciation. Try saying it out loud to yourself a little faster, using a contraction. Remember, with that verb feel we need to put -ing at the end.

I hope you said no! This would be the perfect time to use the present perfect form of the question. They might want to have a conversation about your vacation. Let us know in the comments below. We care about you, and we want to grow our relationship with you. Go Natural English Blog. How Are You? How Have You Been? The Pronunciation Can Be Confusing! Sure, there are!

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More examples, please! This is a really great way to keep a conversation going.

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Conversations with Gabby and Vanessa Gabby : Vanessa! Time For a Quiz! Remember, this is a question for people that we already know. You return to work after a week-long vacation, and you see your co-worker. How Did You Do on the Quiz? name and to pre-register now. You'll receive information about how our course works, the benefits to you, and details like the price and how to .

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You'll receive an invitation by when the next registration period opens for new students. We respect your privacy.

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Would you care to chat

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How to Answer the Question “How Have You Been?”