Work is slow just looking to chat

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If you have ever been on a big time streamers channel, then you have undoubtedly noticed the chaos that is Twitch chat. Tens of thousands of people talking all at once. It is madness! But did you know that there is a way to slow down your chats? Slow Mode on Twitch is a command that lets you control how often people in your stream are allowed to send messages.

Streamers typically use this command when they are having a difficult time keeping up with all the chatters in their stream. Mods of the stream can also use the slow command. Slow Mode on Twitch is super easy to enable and disable. Let me teach you how to do both down below. You can also click the cog wheel located at the bottom of the chat box and turn on slow mode and select the delay time that you want in your chat.

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However, if you enable slow mode by clicking on the cog wheel and selecting slow mode, you are only able to select the preset times that Twitch gives you i. You cannot set a custom time like you can when you type the command in the chat. Let me show you what both commands will look like as well as what your chat will look like when slow mode is enabled. Like I mentioned earlier, both you or one of your mods can slow the chat down.

So if they see you drowning in chat messages, they may throw you a lifeline and slow down your chat for you. All they need to do is use the command above and slow mode will be enabled. Once you do this, slow mode will be disabled. You can also click on the cog wheel located at the bottom of the chat box, click the slow mode tab and then click to turn it off. It would be really awkward if people hop in your chat and are waiting 10 seconds for a reply. You could probably kiss that viewer bye bye.

Streamers use slow mode to slow down messages in their chat rooms. When a streamer has too many chatters in their chat room they may decide to enable slow mode in order to be able to respond to all the chatters in their chat room and to better moderate what is happening in their chat room. WIth thousands of people trying to chat, you just have to learn to live with the chaos at that point. However, if you are a small to medium size streamer then slow mode might make sense.

Once you start having a few dozen, or a few hundred people trying to chat in your stream then it can be very difficult trying to keep up with all of the different convos. Why not slow it down a bit so as to not be overwhelmed. Not only does slowing down chat help with you being able to respond to everyone, but you also have to consider that with too many people chatting at once it can be very difficult to moderate your chat.

So that means if people are being naughty in your chat, you might miss it if too many people are talking and no mods are around to help. Lastly, slow mode can help to discourage people from being chat hogs. There are so many reasons why a streamer may choose to use slow mode, so let me help you decide if slow mode is something that you should use.

If you feel that you are being overwhelmed by chatters in your Twitch stream, then you should absolutely use slow mode to help you better respond and moderate those who are chatting in your chat room. If you are a small streamer, then you really should stay away from slow mode.

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As a small streamer, or a streamer who is just starting out, you will only have a handful of people visit your stream every time you go live. As a small streamer myself, it is not difficult to respond to, talk to and moderate a few people every stream. If you are feeling overwhelmed by a few people chatting in your stream, then you definitely need to leave slow mode OFF so you can learn how to game and chat at the same time. However, once you start growing as a streamer, and a few chatty viewers start poppin in on your streams, then you may want to consider turning on slow mode. Depending on how many people are in your stream should determine how long your chat delay is.

Remember, you can customize your delay to fit your needs and even a 3 second delay can make a big difference. I personally do not recommend using slow mode unless you are just getting ran over by your chat. Twitch is all about those real time connections and in my opinion slow mode diminishes that connection just a little bit.

But it is a nice tool to have in case you ever need to use it. Streamlabs Prime comes with the ability to multi-stream, free overlays and is widely considered the easiest streaming software to use. Use my link here and you get a sweet discount!

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See what I did there?

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Over the past decade cannabis use has exploded in popularity. This has led many to wonder what Twitch's position regarding smoking on stream is and whether they will get in trouble or not. If you are grinding for Twitch Affiliate, or are just looking to grow your following on Twitch, you may have considered doing a follow for follow F4F with other Twitch streamers to help you reach What is Slow Mode on Twitch?

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Here is an example of what your slow mode command should look like: Slow Mode Command And here is how you would enable slow mode by clicking on the cog wheel: First, click on the cog wheel. Slow Mode Tab If you properly enabled slow mode, this message should appear in your chat.

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Slow Mode in Chat Like I mentioned earlier, both you or one of your mods can slow the chat down. If you need more help with slow mode you can check out my Youtube video here:. Continue Reading.

Work is slow just looking to chat

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What is Slow Mode on Twitch? Should You Use It?