These ads are fake

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Dropshipping is DEAD on Google Ads

ASO Backpack. Whatever you want to call it, to grow in the app store. Our Mavens make up a mix of engineers, data storytellers, and ASO consultants that deliver data-backed solutions to drive mobile growth. Learn more. One more point. You can find it her e. The TLDR version of the article is:. Want to get more analyses and tips to improve your ASO and mobile marketing? in below:.

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In mobile user acquisitionan ad has two ways to add value in terms of installs and revenues both in-app purchases and ad-driven revenues :. Hypothesis 1: a company that engages in fake ad strategy is actually ificantly expanding its potential audience. Facebook, Google, and the networks optimize to serve to the people who will be the most likely to install them.

When the ad creatives clearly portray a certain type of game it naturally reaches a certain audience. This is something successful companies try to do with or without fake. Smadja basically mapped which other games players that play one specific game would also play by analyzing massive game audience-affinity data from App Annie. Playrix has a similar game to Homescapes called Gardenscapes. But — if Homescapes UA team kept letting Facebook run with vanilla Match-3 creatives that accurately portray the main gameplay, they would only keep getting that same vanilla Switcher audience.

To break out and al to Facebook to serve its ad to a different audience Resource Management, Hidden Object, Story Adventure who would also enjoy the game but need to discover it, they needed to somehow tell the optimization algorithms to focus on that audience. They did so by creating creatives for such types of games. This means the ad itself could very well be generating direct value through high LTV users. But that comes at the cost of annoying the Vanila Switcher audience.

The fact that this ad is attracting a lot of new installs from these different and larger audiences tells both the App Store and Google Play algorithms the game is relevant.

Mobile Ads NEEDS to be Stopped! (Important)

They then start to reward it with higher rankings on both the Top and Category Charts, as well as for keyword rankings. That said, we can see that the effect has been getting weaker in the past months. This could very well be the work of Effect C below.

This organic growth alone could theoretically be what makes the ad work. As opposed to the App Store, the Google Play Store has publicly declared that they take into retention, churn and other in-app metrics when they calculate rankings. If these would have increased these negative metrics, there is a low probability we would see rankings continuing to increase and maintaining their position.

But still, these negative reviews have potential to hurt overall conversion rates over time, especially as they accumulate. Not to mention the damage to the product managers egos after seeing their baby so harshly reviewed. Additionally, If the overall rating goes lower than 4. As more and more users voice how upset they are from this strategy Effect C the platforms will be more likely to take note and act.

Plus there is a large, corporate-wide risk in running fake as it is illegal in many countries and large fines may apply. But showing off a more hidden side of you just might just be the way to grow. App Store Testing Platform The ultimate app store testing platform.

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Organic Growth Drive more organic conversion rates. Paid Growth Paid growth puts more eyes on your app.

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These ads are fake

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Why do mobile gaming companies use fake ?