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The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development offers a variety of supports and resources to address unfinished learning and enhance students' skills and knowledge during the summer months. Learn More Walk away more prepared to make informed decisions about what practices your school or district will sustain moving forward and what practices it is time to sunset. Session Recording.

Reflective Guide for School Leaders. Miss this event?

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You can view the event and access resources via this link. A Message from the Commissioner The only expectation of public education that eclipses its responsibility to provide an excellent education for every student every day is to take all necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of every student every day. DEED is committed to continuing to work closely with district leadership, teachers, staff, and communities as they create plans to deliver education to their students for the upcoming school year. the Community chat rooms. Alaska's Path to Progress.

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Summer Learning Resources Unpacking Priorities: A Community Conversation. Beyond the Bell After school opportunities that support the professional learning of educators throughout the school year. Resources and planning for reopening Alaskan schools in August. Last Updated. Continuous Learning. us!!! See how aasl standards adopted by AK will benefit your students!

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Aklearns AkRe. They wrote notes and created baskets to thank our overworked local health care workers. Path to Progress. Beyond the Bell. Updates for Leadership.

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Leadership Success Stories.

Tanana Alaska chat rooms

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