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Chat is at the center of whatever you do in Teams. From individual chats with just one other person to group chats and conversations in channels—chat has you covered. In Chat, you can do either. You start one-on-one and group chats the same way: by selecting New chat at the top of your chat list. This starts the chat. Use a group chat when you need to talk to a small group of people. Start one the same way you start a one-on-one chat: select New chat at the top of your chat list. Select the down arrow to the far right of the To field and type a name for the chat in the Group name field.

Once the chat has begun whether group or one-on-onejust choose it in the chat list to the conversation and send more messages.

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To open your formatting options, select Format beneath the box where you type your message. In this expanded view, select the text that you want to format, then choose an option like BIor U to bold, italicize, or underline the text. There are also options for highlighting, font size, font color, lists, and more.

Beneath the box you'll also find delivery options, attach, emoji, stickers, schedule a meeting, and more. Select More options to find more apps. When you go to any channel in Teams the very first tab is Posts. Think of this as one big group chat. Everyone who has access to the channel can see messages in Posts. Based on your organization and culture, you'll need to decide which messages are suitable for the Posts tab in a particular channel.

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Another important thing to know about messages in a channel is that replies to a channel message stay attached to the original message. This way, the whole thread of the conversation can be easily followed by anyone reading it. This is what's great about threaded conversations. To reply to a channel message, be sure to use the little Reply link underneath the message. Depending on what you remember about the sender of the message or the characteristics of the message, a different way of searching might make more sense.

Select their name to go to your one-on-one chat with them, or a group chat to that one.

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Start typing a keyword into the command box at the top of the app and press Enter. From the Activity feed, select Filter and then More options to show certain types of messages including unread messages, mentions, replies, and reactions. For a more specific search, go to the Feed menu, select the drop-down arrowand then choose My Activity. To save a message, hover over it, select More optionsand then select Save message. To see a list of your saved messages, select your profile picture at the top of the app, then choose Saved.

While you can't delete an entire chat conversation in Teams, you can hide the chat from the chat list, or mute it so you stop getting notifications. For details, see Hide, mute, or pin a chat in Teams. Note that you are able to delete individual messages that you've sent. Microsoft Teams. First things to know about chats. Microsoft Teams More Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first.

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So u want to chat

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