Seeking married or attached lady

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Despite the ongoing cultural conflict over marriage, most American adults still value the institution, and consider it an important part of a life well lived. While marriage is an eventual goal for most, it is not always an immediate goal. Women were slightly more likely to say yes than men: 59 percent of cohabiting women and 51 percent of dating women who were not cohabiting said so, compared to 50 percent of cohabiting men and 42 percent of dating men.

While the vast majority of unmarried adults desire eventual marriage, a large percentage of them appear to be in no particular hurry. Whether or not someone prefers to be married can have much to do with the way they feel about their current relationship.

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So we asked heterosexual respondents who are cohabiting or dating if they or their partner is more interested in getting married. Thirty-four 34 percent of cohabiters and 26 percent of those who were dating said that both partners are equally interested in marriage, while 13 percent of each said that they were both equally disinterested in marriage. However, one in three respondents expressed that their level of enthusiasm for marriage did not align with that of their current partner. In these cases, are heterosexual men or women more likely to want to get married?

Women report little gender distinction in who they believe desires marriage more: 18 percent of women report they want to get married more than their partner, while 16 percent report that their partner wants to get married more than they do.

Men, on the other hand, perceive things quite differently. Only seven 7 percent of men believe they are more interested in marrying, but 24 percent—over three times as many—believe that their partner is the more interested party. Why the gender disparity in perceptions? It could be as simple as men are less likely to want to get married and that their girlfriends overestimate their enthusiasm.

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It may be, however, that men downplay their interest in getting married on surveysor that men and women are both poor judges of the level of enthusiasm of their partners for marriage. April 19, Retrieved August 26, All Rights Reserved. Questions, media inquiries, and comments should be directed to our research team.

They can be reached by at research austin-institute. If you find this information interesting and helpful, we also invite you to visit our websitelike us on Facebookor share stories on social media. Figure Next: Who thinks of leaving their marriage more—men or women?

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Table of Contents Download the Report Contact. Click to Navigate Introduction. Just how religious are Americans? Do people still believe in life after death?

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Are religious people happier people? Relationships and Sex What share of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual? How often do Americans have sex? How many people have Americans had sex with?

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How many Americans have experienced nonmonogamy, or overlapping sexual relationships? How much pornography are Americans consuming?

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What predicts masturbation practices? How common is premarital sex? Domestic violence: when given the chance to self-report, what do people say? Who self-reports sexual assault? Who thinks of leaving their marriage more—men or women? What reasons do divorcees offer for leaving? Family Attitudes Is marriage outdated? What are Americans attitudes about relationship issues? Is no-strings-attached sex OK? Is cohabitation a good idea for couples considering marriage?

Should couples stay together for the sake of the kids? Is marital infidelity still off limits? Should same-sex marriage be legal? Are Americans open to polyamory?

Seeking married or attached lady

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