Married and missing spark

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In every marriage, there comes a time when the fireworks start to fade. Psychologist Dorothy Tennov coined the term, authoring the self-help classic Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love before her death in Most relationships tend to repeat the same pattern: falling in love, settling into a comfort zone, getting busy and overwhelmed, and either staying stuck there, or splitting up.

This is the time when couples are absolutely insufferable to be around. You are, in short, experiencing limerence. The important thing to know is, this is all totally normal.

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This phase can actually feel pretty good. Life is steady in the comfort zone, and you even feel like you can give up trying so hard to impress each other. The potential for problems comes when you meet someone who does make your stomach fluttery again, or when the two of you get caught in…. You get married, maybe have a couple of kids, buy a house. Mira Kirshenbaum, author of The Weekend Marriagesays our time-crunched lifestyles are to blame for the crumbling of many marriages. Maybe it was a vacation, or a weekend getaway, or even just a date night.

Did you get along better when you had that dedicated time together, or was it worse? If, in general, you get along better when you remove distractions and tensions and have time just for the two of you, then your problems are probably due to outside stress and lack of time. So, if you passed the no-time-for-love test, and you want to light that fire again, how can you do it?

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Is there any hope for getting that initial feeling of limerence back, at least a little bit? Short answer: YES. Kirshenbaum recommends putting your relationship first, even if it means saying no to spending time with family and friends. She says couples need to be deliberate about carving out time for each other and putting it before anything else.

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Fighting, says Kirshenbaum, does a lot of damage to relationships, as well as wasting time that could be spent enjoying each other. Science has actually shown that you can make yourself fall in or out of love just by looking at pictures of your SO in happier times, and thinking about their positive traits. While limerence may have a limit, the spark can grow into a fire over time, if you just know how to nurse the flame.

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Married and missing spark

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Has Your Marriage Lost Its Spark? Here’s How To Get It Back