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These are two completely different things. Olav's hospital. In several countries, women can still have surgery to reconstruct the hymen. A quick search on the Norwegian website ung.

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One of the myths is that there is a membrane covering the entire vaginal opening that tears when you first have intercourse. Lonne-Hoffmann debunks this myth:. In almost all women, this mucous membrane is shaped like a ring. In other words, it has an opening. It can be round, crescent-shaped or a band across the opening. American and English researchers behind a scientific summary of why the myths about the hymen are not true, write that doctors must also become more aware of what kind of language they use.

In a article in the journal Reproductive Health, the researchers wrote that doctors need to stop using words like "intact", "broken" and "virgin" to describe the hymen.

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In Norway, the regular word used to denote the hymen - Jomfruhinne - literally means "virgin membrane". Recent years have seen efforts to change the use of this word into the more precise and neutral "skjedekrans", which roughly translates to vagina wreath. The women behind the popular book The wonder down under, which is originally in Norwegian, use a good old scrunchie to describe what the hymen actually looks like and how it behaves.

And then there is the myth that women bleed the first time they have intercourse. Some girls and women, on the other hand, have tearing in the hymen the first time they have intercourse. But not much bleeding generally comes from these tears. And tearing in the hymen is also possible from exercising, using tampons or horseback riding. No matter how the tears occur however, bruises in the vagina usually heal quickly. Given all these reasons, it is not possible to determine if girls or women are virgins by studying the hymen, according to Lonne-Hoffmann.

WHO and the UN also issued a statement in in which they write that virginity testing is unscientific and that no known examination can prove that a woman has had vaginal sex. Surprisingly little research exists on the development of this membranous tissue, according to Lonne-Hoffmann.

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One theory holds that it is a vestige of the development of the hollow tube that becomes the vagina during foetal development. When girls are born, the hymenal ring folds over itself and often protrudes from the vaginal opening. At first the ring is very thin, but as girls reach puberty, it becomes both thicker and more elastic.

But for some patients, that little bit of tissue creates some physical problems. Women who have a pain disorder in the abdomen, such as vulvodynia, often feel great pain specifically in the hymen, says the gynaecologist.

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Lonne-Hoffmann also says that some women who have gone through childbirth seek out a gynaecologist because they are wondering what is hanging out between their inner labia. Tags of the hymenal ring are outgrowths of extra hymen tissue located at the external entrance to the vagina.

They can be of varying size, but for some women, such flaps can protrude several centimetres out of the vagina. She advises women who experience hymenal tags to just let them be, unless they protrude several inches. A surgical procedure can leave scars, which may create greater problems.

Translated by: Ingrid P. Read the Norwegian version of this article on forskning. For sure not all night, in case you might have thought so. In other words, myths about the hymen are tenacious. Eldrid Borgan journalist.

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September - Culturally, the hymen has created a lot of problems for a lot of women. The shape of the hymen in girls and women can vary dramatically, regardless of whether they have had sexual intercourse or not. Photo: Sex og samfunn, used with permission.

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