A love that was never loved

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A woman who was never loved is a rare, wild creature. You can only choose to walk the path next to her but she will never let you lead her. She never depended on anyone and she never will. If you fall in love with her, you need to be prepared.

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The only person who loved her was herself. The kind of confidence and respect she has for herself is scary to regular people because they are not used to being this strong. Sometimes a woman can train herself to be independent and strong. But to be truly strong, you must be born a fighter. From the moment she was born, she was a fighter. Even asshe was independent and very picky when it came to friends.

She never doubted herself. Her tears were nowhere to be seen. She had to be there for everybody in her life, because she was the only one who was strong enough to be their rock.

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She never asked for help. Could you handle that kind of love?

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No one before could. They were simply too weak to actually give back the love she was ready to give.

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No one in her life before was able to deal with that amount of emotion and dedication. Some would say she expects too much from love.

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But the truth is that those people have no idea what love is. She expects everything that love should truly be.

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It should be magical and overwhelming. To her, respect and love go hand in hand. But she expects you to hold her hand when she goes out to get it. She expects you to be the rock she is for everyone else. But she also expects her partner to be as smart as she is. Not only do you need to be smart, you also need to be a feminist. No man ever fixed her car. A job has no gender. It just has to be done. She loves her life and she chooses her truth.

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She chooses to see only the good things in life, those things that feed her soul. She never had a problem cutting off someone who brought negativity to her world. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. But if you cost her her peace and lie to her, get ready to be sent to that hell. How to love her?

A love that was never loved

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